Javelin FAQ

Javelin Feedback is a powerful application for establishing and streamlining feedback (surveys, quizzes, polls etc.) collection and management processes. It can used to design, manage and report on feedback forms. It provides the functions needed for deploying and managing the forms, manage communications with the feedback form recipients and generate reports.
If your survey is anonymous, you can get the link (URL) by clicking the "link" button on the top right of the project page. For non-anonymous surveys, you will have to send the links to the the respondents using built-in email features.
You can set the open and close dates from the project "Settings" tab. The survey/quiz links would only be active only during the specified date range.
On the "Settings" tab, uncheck "Multiple submissions" to stop respondents from submitting multiple times. If your project is anonymous, browser cookies are used to stop multiple submissions from the same user. If the user clears the cookies, they will be allowed to submit multiple times. For non-anonymous projects, Javelin generates unique links for each user. This is a more fail-safe method to stop multiple submissions from the same user.
From the "Settings" tab, check "Resume later". The respondents will see a "Finish later" button on each page. They can use it to save their responses and continue later.
Yes. In most cases, the respondents will not be adversely impacted even if they are in the middle of submitting responses. However, drastic changes like deletion of items, changing the order of items, changes to conditional logic may cause unexpected behavior for the respondents who are in the middle of submitting responses.
For non-anonymous projects, Javelin generates unique links for each user. Only the respondents that receive the emails will have access to links.
You can change the labels from the project "Settings" -> "Labels" tab. A field is provided for each label that may be shown to the respondents.
You can upload images and other content from the "Media" page (link on the top of the page). Use the "Upload" button to select a local file to upload to Javelin. You can then use "Insert Image" or "Insert Link" to embed content into any of the content areas.
Yes. Select "Randomize choices" in the Choice Item or Dropdown Item properties.
Yes. Select "Randomize" in the "Section" properties. This will randomize the questions within the section.
Yes. Change the text shown in the "Prompt" field in the Dropdown Item properties.
Javelin uses the "Value" label in reports for choices. Set the text in the "Value" field of the choice to the text that you would like to use in your reports.
In the Enterprise Edition, users can share their projects with other users within their organization. Read Only or Read/Write access can be given for a project by selecting "Share" project option that can be accessed clicking the dropdown button next to each project listing.
When an Enterprise account is created, we create a custom theme for your organization to match your web pages. If an existing theme does not match your requirement, you can request us to create additional themes.
You can set up "Rules" to conditionally display sections, items/fields or choices (for Choice/Drop-down fields). See the "Rules & Alerts" section in the User Guide for details.
You can use "Rules" to conditionally send email notifications when a response is submitted. If a filter is not defined for the Rule, then every response submission will result in a email notification. See the "Rules & Alerts" section in the User Guide for more details.
There is no limit. You can set up any number of alternate end pages.
An item can be a "Hidden Field" when you select the "Field is hidden" option in the Item properties. This field does not appear on the form displayed to the repondent. It is able to hold information that can be used similar to a user's response, for example within reports and conditional logic. It can also be used to hold values that are passed as part of the survey URL. The format to use: Form-URL&hidden-field-name=value

Javelin supports tracking of respondents when you use the built-in communications manager. For non-anonymous forms, each respondent gets a unique URL when emails are are sent out from Javelin. If you want to use an external system to send emails and track the respondents, you have to add a "Hidden Field" to capture the email of the respondent. The form you create will be an anonymous form. You can then pass the value of the email tracking field by appending it to the form URL.

The format to use: Form-URL&hidden-field-name=email-address

An example URL is shown below

Reminder emails can be set up for non-anonymous forms. You can set up follow-up emails for sent or scheduled emails from the Communication Manager.
You can import data from a CSV formatted text file into the your Javelin Contact Manager. See the "Contact Manager" section in the User Guide for more details.
You can insert tags for Contact fields in your email message message. See the "Contact Manager" section in the User Guide for the exact tags for each Contact field.
Click the "Download" button From the project's "Data & Analytics -> Individual Responses" tab to export response data to a CSV formatted file to use in other reporting applications.